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In Pursuit of the Perfect Nose

How do you feel about your nose? Many of us believe that our noses are too large, too wide, too flat or just badly shaped. My name is Amanda, and I have good news for you. You can do something about an unsightly nose. Cosmetic procedures are available that can completely change the look and shape of your nose. If you don't want something drastic, you can have small fixes done. In my blog I will show you how you can choose the right cosmetic surgeon and find the nose that will look the best on your face. If you don't like your nose, take steps to change it today.

What To Expect After A Breast Lift Surgery

Are you thinking about getting a breast lift? Maybe your breasts have begun to sag or droop due to aging, childbearing and breastfeeding. If your sagging or drooping breasts are making you feel less confident about your body, a breast lift is the perfect way to get your breasts looking their best and to increase your self-confidence.

Recovery and Side Effects

The recovery time and the side effects vary from patient to patient. In general, the first two weeks after your surgery will be the most uncomfortable time. Your doctor will prescribe pain medication that you will take for a few days after surgery. It is not uncommon for patients to take the medication for up to a week. You may also be given antibiotics to ward off infection.

Self-Care and Personal Hygiene

After surgery, you cannot shower for the first week. You can't take a bath either. If you want to clean the intimate areas of your body, you may find it difficult to bend because of your surgery. It is best to have someone you feel comfortable with on standby to assist you throughout this time.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

You will need to avoid strenuous activities for at least three weeks after your breast lift surgery. This means that exercising is not allowed or recommended. If you have received breast implants in addition to a breast lift, you will need to refrain from strenuous activities a lot longer. Scar tissue from the breast implants needs to develop in order to keep the breast implants in place. Ask your doctor for the specific amount of time that you will need.

Wear the Right Clothing

It is best to wear loose-fitting tops such as t-shirts during the entire recovery. This ensures that there is no friction between your clothing and your breasts. Provide ample support for your breasts by wearing a sports bra or a bra that is specifically designed for recovery after a breast lift. It is important that any bra you wear provides support so that your breasts can begin to heal naturally.

Once you have recovered from your surgery and see the results, you will undoubtedly be pleased. A breast lift can give you the confidence you need to start wearing clothing that you may have avoided in the past. It can also give you confidence about life in general. This can affect how you interact with others and can lead to healthier personal relationships. 

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