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In Pursuit of the Perfect Nose

How do you feel about your nose? Many of us believe that our noses are too large, too wide, too flat or just badly shaped. My name is Amanda, and I have good news for you. You can do something about an unsightly nose. Cosmetic procedures are available that can completely change the look and shape of your nose. If you don't want something drastic, you can have small fixes done. In my blog I will show you how you can choose the right cosmetic surgeon and find the nose that will look the best on your face. If you don't like your nose, take steps to change it today.

A Quick Guide To Understanding The Differences Between A Traditional Facelift And A Stem Cell Facelift

Whether you haven't gone to bed without a night cream since before you could buy your own alcohol in a restaurant or you never thought you minded getting older until you looked in the mirror and realized that aging gracefully was better in theory than in actuality, you might have considered cosmetic surgery. However, it's important to note that other, safer options are available to help you look younger. One popular option in recent years is the stem cell facelift. It works by using your own stem cells, that have often been cultivated from your existing fat cells, to rejuvenate your skin. If you want to look younger and are concerned about the success rate and risks of plastic surgery, it's a good idea to be aware of the following facts.

Understanding A Traditional Facelift

While cosmetic surgery, like the facelift, can often minimize the signs of aging left on your face and neck, it also presents some risks, including scarring, infections, nerve damage, and all of the risks commonly associated with the use of general anesthesia. In addition, recovering from a traditional facelift can take up to a year for all of the scarring to fade and for your skin to smooth out. 

However, enough of the swelling and bruising will often dissipate within two to three weeks of the procedure, at which time you might be comfortable going back to work and being seen in public. Until that time, your activities will be limited and you will need a professional health care provider to be with you when you come home from the hospital.

Learning About A Stem Cell Facelift

stem cell facelift is a minimally invasive procedure that can usually be performed in the doctor's office. It only requires the use of a local anesthesia, so you can drive home after the procedure and resume your normal activities quickly. It's often surprising to discover that a stem cell transplant doesn't quite live up to its name, given that it's not actually a surgical procedure. Instead, it works by cultivating the stem cells from existing fat cells in your body and injecting them into the parts of your face that show the most age.

The results of a stem cell facelift typically last five or six years and in some instances, with appropriate care and lifestyle changes, can be seen for up to ten years. Many patients have noted that the lines beside their eyes and mouth, often referred to as "laugh lines", aren't quite so amusing when those lines turn to wrinkles. To address that concern, the stem cells will be injected into those problem areas, in much the same way that Botox is provided for temporary improvements to lines and wrinkles.

Stem cells are naturally occurring and will usually remain in a dormant state until an injury or illness prompts them to work. In this instance, they're prompted to work when injected into your face and will replace the volume that often vanishes with age, thus restoring a more youthful appearance.

In conclusion, a stem cell facelift is a non-invasive way to minimize the signs of aging on your face and skin. Therefore, if you are unhappy with your appearance and would like to look a few years younger, it's time to speak with a cosmetic surgeon about scheduling that important procedure.

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