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In Pursuit of the Perfect Nose

How do you feel about your nose? Many of us believe that our noses are too large, too wide, too flat or just badly shaped. My name is Amanda, and I have good news for you. You can do something about an unsightly nose. Cosmetic procedures are available that can completely change the look and shape of your nose. If you don't want something drastic, you can have small fixes done. In my blog I will show you how you can choose the right cosmetic surgeon and find the nose that will look the best on your face. If you don't like your nose, take steps to change it today.

3 Ways To Get Fuller Lips

The lips are one of the most attractive features on a woman's body. It is no secret that women want fuller lips. This particular feature on your body makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. Here are three ways to get fuller lips.

Exfoliate and Brush

Exfoliating your lips gives you a fuller look. You can achieve this by brushing your lips or using a lip exfoliator. To exfoliate using a toothbrush, you have to brush your lips to remove the dead skin.

An alternative is using a lip exfoliator. A lip exfoliator is a product for your lips. It is made up of a formula that includes seeds, sugar and exfoliation beads. Exfoliation makes your lips smoother and softer. After exfoliating, you need to apply a non-flavored lip balm. The balm will moisturize your lips and make them look fuller.

Face Exercises

Face exercises stimulate collagen production and promotes plumped lips. The Marilyn is one of several lip exercises that you can use to get a fuller look. To do this exercise, you have to pucker your lips and press them firmly against your hand for a couple of seconds. Next, you want to pull away your hand and blow a kiss in the air.  The point is to pretend you are Marilyn Monroe while blowing kisses to fans.

It is important to keep your forehead smooth while doing face exercises to prevent wrinkles. Face exercises minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth and makes your lips look bigger.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation or lip injection is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller lips. The most common technique consists of using an injectable dermal filler. The filler is injected around your mouth and lips.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most common dermal fillers used in this cosmetic procedure. It is a natural substance that comes from your body. This substance gives your lips more volume.

Hyaluronic acid improves the appearance of your mouth by adding volume, structure and shape. Injections last for around six months. You will need to get more after this timeframe to maintain the volume.

If you want plump lips, then it is important to not do anything crazy. There are different ways to plump up your lips. You have the option of using natural methods or cosmetic procedures. If you want to change the appearance of your lips, then you should schedule an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon, like YMM Cosmetic and Laser Clinic lip injections, for your options.